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Indian States

India is a diversified country that treats you with 29 incredible states, each bringing in its own vivid colour into it. Each state of India has its own traditions, cultures, food and festivals. That?s why they all stand out, making India a multicultural nation. Travellers find wide spectrum of tourism possibilities here and thus, always keep India on their bucket list.

India is a country that outshines with its diverse culture, amazing heritage, grand monuments, splendid architectures, ancient temples, pristine churches, serene mosques and spirituality oozing gurudwaras. ?India is an ideal holiday destination for all kinds of travellers, including history lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, culture buffs, beach devotees, Ayruveda seekers, and many others.

From the emerald backwaters of Kerala to royal forts and palaces of Rajasthan, from pristine beaches of Goa to swaying farms of Punjab, from hilly landscapes of Himachal Pradesh to religious splendours of Uttar Pradesh, from archaeological charms of Gujarat to breathtaking shikara rides in Jammu and Kashmir, from magical dance forms of Karnataka to cultural extravaganza of West Bengal ? states of India are as diverse as they can be.

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