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Tripura is one of the Seven Sister States in northeast India. It remains a dream of nature lovers as the state showers you with uncharted forests, awe-inspiring valleys, beautiful waterfalls and imposing mountains. Tripura’s cultures are diverse and can be seen in its attractions, festivals and food.

Places to Visit

Agartala, the capital of Tripura, is home to many significant places to visit. Its historical and mythological importance is known around the state and it has its mentions in Mahabharata as well. Ujjayanta Palace, set amidst lush greenery of Mughal gardens, is a must visit here. Also, visit Unakoti Hill with incredible stone carvings of Lord Shiva. Here you can plan a day picnic in the lap of flourishing trees, shrubs, and waterfalls. Wildlife lovers must explore Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary of Agartala known for spottingClouded Leopard apart from many other animals and birds. Dharmanagar is the second largest city in Tripura known for its impressive history. Here you can explore places like Roa Wildlife Sanctuary, Aflong, Jampui Hills and Kalibari Temple. Also, visit Udaipur cladding the banks of Gomati River. Udaipur is also a must visit place in Tripura with more than its fair share of attractions some of which include Old Palace, Nazrul Granthagar, Bhubaneshwari Temple, Nazrul Granthagar, Tripura Sundari Temple, Gunabati Group of Temples, etc. For a serene escape, nothing is as awe-inspiring as Ambassa where you can find numerous historical wonders like Neermahal Palace, etc.


Tripura is majorly dominated by the Hindus and celebrates many festivals all year long. Festivals here are full of life and portray the devotion of locals in the most beautiful way. Ashokastami Festival sees devotees taking a dip in the holy river and performing many rituals to please the deity. Huge fairs are organised during the Ashokastami Festival bringing together people of all caste and creed. Boat Race in Tripura is celebrated by both tribal as well as non-tribal groups. The event is celebrated amidst lush green landscapes and sees many boats rushing over waters with spectators cheering along the banks. The ethnic tribal carnival of Garia Puja is another popular event in Tripura that sees a dance concert. The puja is solemnized on the last day of the month of Chaitra and sees vibrant celebrations in the form of dancing and singing. The Kharchi Puja is another major puja of the state when the locals worship Fourteen Deities along with dancing and fasting. Also, experience the festivities of Orange and Tourism Festival hosted at Jampui Hills. The festival is dedicated to the Mother Nature and her wonders. Thousands of tourists and locals flock at the Jampui Hills to capture impressive views of dawn and dusk and savour the taste of fresh oranges blooming in the trees.


Tripura cuisine mainly includes non vegetarian dishes. Mui Borok (dried and fermented fish) is a traditional local dish cooked without any oil. Tripura cuisine is inspired from Bangladesh which covers it from three sides. Most of the dishes are made of fish, rice and vegetables. Tripurian people also love Chinese cuisine made in traditional Tripurian style. Beer lovers must try Chauk, the traditional beer of the state. Mosdeng Serma, a spicy and tangy chutney, is served with all major meals. Also, rice lovers must try Bhangui which is an essential local rice dish prepared with ghee, ginger and onion. Also, savour the taste of Panch Phoron Tarkari, a vegetarian delight with numerous vegetables and spices. Wahan Mosdeng is a popular pork dish that can surely make you fall for gluttony.


Shopping in Tripura is mainly concentrated to Agartala. Here you can pick many Traditional Handloom and Silk Items apart from handicrafts made out of cane, clay, bamboo, wood and palm leaves. The malls of Agartala sell everything from International to domestic brands. Travellers are advised to try their bargain skills with a smile and they may bag a great deal in local markets.


How to Reach

By Air: Agartala Airport in Agartala is connected to all major Indian cities like Bangalore, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Imphal, New Delhi, etc.

By Rail: Kumarghat Railway Station is the closest Railway Station located 133 Kms from the Agartala city.  

By Road: Road connectivity in and around Tripura is also good. Travellers can easily find state and private buses. ?

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