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From unique head dresses to overly vibrant wardrobe, from excellent handloom items to enticing dance performances, Nagaland often surprises first time visitors with its dramatic image. Here you can experience the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets and challenge the daredevil inside you with trekking, jungle camping and rock climbing.

Places to Visit

The capital of Nagaland, Kohima offers you picturesque views and instantly makes you fall in love with it with attractions like Japfu Peak, Dzukou Valley, Shilloi Lake, State Museum, and World War II Cemetery. Dimapur, entry point into Nagaland, is a commercial hub known for 10th century Kachari ruins apart from Chumukedima Village, Dimapur Jain Temple, Sumi Town Baptist Church and Nagaland Zoological Park. Mokukchung is the liveliest district of the state which is also a paradise for nature enthusiasts. It houses many places of interest some of which include Changtongya, Mokokchung Park, Ungma, Chuchuyimlang, etc. A holiday to Nagaland remains unfulfilled without witnessing the land of Konyak Nagas, Mon. This land of warriors with tattooed faces, blackened teeth and head gears charms all with its beautiful list of attractions some of which include Longwa Village, Veda Peak, Chui Village (Basti) and Shangnyu Village.

Wokha is another natural wonder of Nagaland full of colourful orchards. Riphyim offering impressive views of a dam on Donyan River is a popular attraction here. Wokha is known for being home to Lotha tribe who take pride in their traditional art and craft. For a serene escape, visit the Dzukou Valley which is a great retreat for trekkers. Spring is the best time to trek to this valley when it blossoms with flowers.

Other major attractions in Nagaland include Tuophema Village, Khonoma Green Village, Benreu, Meluri, Kiphire, Peren, Tuensang, etc.


Nagaland has some of the most vibrant festivals on its calendar celebrated by different tribes residing here. Hornbill Festival is the most awaited festival celebrated by indigenous warrior tribes of the state. The festival beautifully underlines tribal cultural through songs and dances. Amongmong festival is another popular fiesta of Nagaland. This pre-Harvest festival holds great importance among the Sangam tribe and lasts for 6 days full of merrymaking. Sumi Naga tribe of Nagaland celebrates the Tuluni Festival to enjoy the most fruitful season of the year. People offer prayers to the deity for the protection of their crop. This is the time to see colourful dance performances by the men and women of Sumi Naga tribe and enjoy delectable local food.

Apart from these, the Yemshe Festival is famous among the people of the Pochuri tribe. Grand ceremonies are organised, rituals are performed, gifts and exchanged, and feasts are prepared during the Yemshe Festival. Other popular festivals of Nagaland include Nazu Festival of the Pochury Tribe and Sekrenyi Festival of the Angami Tribe.


A typical Naga meal includes meat, steamed vegetable dish, rice and chutney. Nagas are known for making home-made spicy sauces with locally found ingredients. Bamboo shoot remains a main ingredient in many dishes of Nagaland. Anishi (Arbi in Hindi) is the most common vegetable cooked in every household here. ?Hinkejvu is a popular dish prepared with colocasia, cabbage leaves, and beans. ???Snail meat is very popular in Nagaland and is included in many pork dishes. Fish in Bamboo is also loved by locals for its smoky flavours. Zutho is the famous rice beer of Nagaland served during all major festivities.


A shopping scene in Nagaland stands out due to the craftsmanship sprawling here in abundance.? This exotic state is known for selling woven Naga shawls, bamboo mugs, cane carpets and silk mekhela. Kohima is a major shopping hub where Handicraft and Handloom Emporium sells all major handicrafts. Nagaland is fairly influenced by Korean culture and thus, travellers can pick beautiful merchandises from here.

How to Reach

By Air: Dimapur Airport is the only airport in Nagaland located at Dimapur.

By Rail: Dimapur is the only railway station of the state having connections with Kolkata, Guwahati and Delhi.

By Road: Travellers can find direct buses which run daily between Guwahati and Kohima.

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