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Sunderbans Wildlife Sanctuary

Sunderbans Wildlife Sanctuary

The vast swampy delta of the two Great Indian rivers, the Brahmaputra and the Ganga, extend over a vast area.

Mangrove forests, swamps and forested islands are interwoven with a network of small rivers and rivulets.

The Sunderbans National Park, covering about 1330.10 sq km, from this core of this area. This mostly estuarine mangrove forest is the habitat of nearly 200 Royal Bengal tigers.

Bangladesh lies to the east of the Park and it is estimated that the combined population of tigers in the region could well be about 400 in number.

Adapting itself to the saline and watery environment, the tigers at the Park are good swimmers and practically amphibious! Traversing the mangroves by motor launch is quite an experience, for the area is completely unspoiled and very different from the more conventional wildlife park.

The estuarine crocodile is often seen along the mud banks but owing to the dense undergrowth the tiger is rarely sighted.

The Park is also noted for its conservation of the Ridley sea turtle.

General Information

Best Time to Visit: September to May.

Nearest Town: Gosaba (50 km)

How to Get There

Air: Kolkata (Calcutta) (112 km)

Rail: Canning (48 km)

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