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India is a popular destination among mountaineering lovers seeking seamless experience in the mountains. North India is blessed with sky touching mountainous terrains which include some of the highest peaks of the world. This makes mountaineering an exciting activity in the country giving goose bumps even to the most experienced adventurers.

Mountaineering enthusiasts often visit states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Uttarakhand to gratify their desire to conquer the mountains. These destinations bloom with flourishing mountains which make the surroundings look spectacular. Some of these jaunts look extremely beautiful; however, they are difficult to climb due to steep slopes and unfavourable weather conditions.

The Stok Kangri trek in Ladakh region remains extremely popular among mountaineers. Climbing this highest trek-able summit bestows great pleasure as it is not an easy one. Those visiting Himachal Pradesh can take the pleasure of the Deo Tibba expedition. This trek takes you through some unseen lush green oak & deodar forested trails, rolling meadows and sights of the Gaddi shepherds.

Many mountaineers also choose Sikkim to experience this daring activity in India.? The Goecha La trek in Sikkim is a difficult one. Those who gather courage to partake in mountaineering here relish sights of vibrant and colourful flora and fauna. Also, reach the spectacular Kanchenjunga National Park to delve deeper into the natural beauty. Roopkund and the Bagini Glacier treks in Uttarakhand also pamper you with some breathtaking vistas of Mother Nature. Roopkund remains a mystery among travelers due to the enthralling Skeleton Lake located here. Also, dare to climb mind-boggling height of almost 20000 feet by taking the Kanamo Peak trek. Here you will find Kibber which is one of the highest human settlements on the planet. Another place to enjoy mountaineering in Uttarakhand is Satpoanth Peak, located at a height of around 23000 feet. Walk on a glacier, spot river of ice, explore a natural cave, and get drenched into serenity sprawling around. This trek is a must for all those who seek nature at its best. If you are a devotee of lakes, then take the Kalindi Pass trek that takes you to Vasuki Tal ? a glacial pond.

Best Time to Go for Mountaineering in India
The best time to partake in mountaineering in India is between the months of May and November. India experiences winters during these months when the mountains get blanketed with fresh snow and mountaineering becomes difficult. This adds to the excitement level.

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