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Kodaikanal Hill Station

Cuddled by serene and flourishing Pallani Hills, Kodaikanal is a spectacular looking hill station in Tamil Nadu. Being at an altitude of 7,200 feet, the place remains away from the busy city life and makes an ideal haven to unwind. The charm of Kodaikanal is not like any other hill station. It has been adorned with the most picturesque facades of Mother Nature, including wooded slopes, huge trees, creeks, bowers, and verdant emerald meadows. ?Kodaikanal also pleases visitors with its ideal mix of beauty and culture. Take a serene boat ride on the Kodai Lake or be amidst clouds at Dolphin’s Nose ? Kodaikanal has everything for everyone.

Berijam Lake

Berijam Lake is adorned with the most beautiful sights of nature. Its diverse flora and fauna and serene surroundings make it an ideal spot for family vacationers to plan day picnics. Some of the major attractions near the lake include fire tower, lake view and the medicine forest.

Coakers Walk

If you are a devotee of leisurely walks, then take the Coakers Walk. This 1 kilometre long pathway will be your best walk ever as it blesses you with picturesque vistas of the hills. The walk also lets you experience a rare phenomenon where your shadow can be seen on clouds that envelop the region called ‘Brocken Spectre’.

Kodai Lake

Another beautiful lake of Kodaikanal is the Kodai Lake. This star shaped lake is a heaven of tranquillity. Here one can spot numerous birds chirping happily in their natural habitat. Pedal boats and Row boats can be enjoyed here apart from leisurely walks, horse riding and bicycle riding.

Dolphin?s Nose

Perhaps the most scenic point of this hill station, Dolphin’s Nose is visited by every traveller. This is a popular trekking spot in Kodaikanal from where you can spot 2,000 meters deep bird’s eye views. Views from the top of this rock are amazing and can give shivers to even the most daredevil souls.

Pillar Rocks

The Pillar Rocks are known for planning great picnics with your loved ones. It has a stunning mini garden with heart pleasing flora. The place earned its name due to three vertically positioned boulders situated here. These pillars offer great panoramic views of the surrounding region and make a great sight to sit and relish the solace of nature.

Devil's Kitchen

Devil's Kitchen is sandwiched between the Green Valley View and Pillar rocks. This is a very dangerous fall but looks astonishing from all facades. Adventure seekers love visiting here by taking some challenging terrains which can give goose bumps even to the most daredevil souls.

How to Reach Kodaikanal

By Air: The closest airport to Kodaikanal is Madurai which is at a distance of 120 kilometres. Other options are Trichy airport and Coimbatore airport, located at a distance of 150 kilometres and 175 kilometres respectively.

By Road: Those taking road journey can deboard at Kodai Road and rest 100 km distance to the hill station can be covered by taking a taxi.

By Road: Regular bus services are available from Chennai, Coimbatore, Pondicherry, Madurai and other cities. Self drive option is also available.

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