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Lake Palace, Udaipur

Lake Palace in Udaipur

Location: 26 kms. from Airport, 3 kms. from Railway Station, 2 kms. from Downtown Area.

Accomodation: 84 Rooms, 15-Standard, 52-Deluxe A/C, 17-Suites A/C

About Lake Palace

The Lake Palace hotel amazes and delights you at every turn. Every inch of it is made of pure white marble, slender carved columns, fountains, filigreed screens and swimming pool, created for the private frolics of a princess. It is the early morning musical cacophony of birds and white masses of bougainvillea drooping over a rippling lily-pond that attracts the tourist.

Lake Palace houses 84 rooms including 17 beautiful suites and 53 Deluxe rooms. The rooms and the suites of the hotel are beautifully designed; each having a particular theme & decorated with textiles and handicrafts of the region. The royal banquet rooms are now reception rooms, bars and restaurants. The cuisine of the most mouth-watering variety brought to life by our skilled chefs. Be honored and indulged as befits royalty. Various events can be organized at Lily Pond and at Baragae Gangaur. Puppet show and Rajasthani folk dance and music can also be arranged.

About Udaipur

The Udaipur region, thickly wooded in the south and west, is mostly an alluvial plain watered by many intermittent streams. The city, surrounded by a battlemented wall, is especially noted for its maharaja's palace, which overlooks scenic Pichola Lake. Due to an abundance of water, there are a number of gardens in and out of town. There are a number of reservoirs surrounding the town, along with a few forts and ancient ruins.

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